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Time-resolved 3D Capture of Non-stationary Gas Flows

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Bradley Atcheson Siggraph Asia Paper Bradley Atcheson Siggraph Asia Paper Bradley Atcheson Siggraph Asia Paper


Fluid simulation is one of the most active research areas in computer graphics. However, it remains difficult to obtain measurements of real fluid flows for validation of the simulated data.

In this paper, we take a step in the direction of capturing flow data for such purposes. Specifically, we present the first time-resolved Schlieren tomography system for capturing full 3D, non-stationary gas flows on a dense volumetric grid. Schlieren tomography uses 2D ray deflection measurements to reconstruct a time-varying grid of 3D refractive index values, which directly correspond to physical properties of the flow. We derive a new solution for this reconstruction problem that lends itself to efficient algorithms to robustly work with relatively small numbers of cameras. Our physical system is easy to set up, and consists of an array of relatively low cost rolling-shutter camcorders that are synchronized with a new approach. We demonstrate our method with real measurements, and analyze precision with synthetic data for which ground truth information is available.

Keywords: Image Processing, Computational cameras and Optics, Object Scanning/Acquisition

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B. Atcheson, I. Ihrke, W. Heidrich, A. Tevs, D. Bradley, M. Magnor, H.-P. Seidel, "Time-resolved 3D Capture of Non-stationary Gas Flows" , ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia), 2008, to appear. [bibtex]

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